It might be more tempting to stay cozy indoors and difficult to find motivation, but there are huge benefits to wrapping up warm and heading out for a brisk winter walk.

1. You burn up more calories when it’s cold

You may have noticed that you tend to eat more in winter than in summer, this is so that you have enough calories to keep your body warm. Similarly, because your body is working overtime to keep warm, you burn up your calories much quicker.

2. Exercising when it’s cold gives your heart a more intense workout.

When it’s cold, the body seeks to maintain its internal temperature at a constant level of about 37°C, by increasing the flow of blood. The heart will, therefore, pump more quickly and become stronger when you take a cold winter walk.

3. It strengthens your immune system.

Being out often in the cold means your body will gradually get used to the weather and you will get ill less often because of the strengthening of your body against the attacks of winter germs.

4. It benefits your mood

During a time when people suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), exposure to fresh air and Vitamin D from the winter sun can help improve mental health.

Convinced yet?