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Why are rest days important?

Physical activity is essential for our health and for the achievement of our personal fitness goals. However, few people understand that being too active can actually damage your chances of developing your muscles, defining your body and smashing your fitness goals, which is why rest days are so important. 

Doctors, trainers and physiotherapists… they all agree on the importance of rest after exercise. It is a common mistake to think that doing sports every day, to the best of our abilities, is the best option out there to obtain quick results – this really is not the case.

The body needs a period of recovery after extended effort. If we do not respect it, all the benefits that sport brings are no longer present and training loses its main objective: to improve health and well-being.

It does not matter what your area of exercise is. Whether you practice an aerobic sport such as cycling, swimming or running, or if you lift weights in the gym, rest days are as important to your success as workouts.

Rest reduces the risk of injury 

Many of the common exercise injuries occur due to over-exerting yourself, and believe it or not – rest really is the most effective preventive measure in this case. Giving your body some time to relax and get used to the tension is especially important when you start a new training program, because during this crucial period, you still do not know what your limits are and how far you can truly push yourself. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t just have one or two days of rest between workouts, but also take short breaks during your exercises.

Too much exercise can interfere with your sleep 


Physical activity stimulates blood flow, which means that every cell in your body receives nutrients faster and works better. The downside of this is that it can upset you and interfere with your regular sleep schedules and patterns. Sleep is essential!! So you should always make a strong effort to get around 7-8 hours of daily rest.

Rest allows your muscles to grow 

This is an important fact that is often overlooked by workout-a-holics. Exercise not only works the muscles, but also damages them. Rest days are necessary for tissues to heal and grow. This is the reason why any professional bodybuilding program is based on the exercise of different muscle groups every day.

Relaxing helps you stay motivated 

Training regularly is good, but over time it may seem boring, allowing you to get distracted or it can just stress you out too much to continue. With that being said – there are always some new and exciting techniques that can help you rekindle your passion for exercise. More relaxation periods can help you eliminate stress, allowing you to have more motivation and do the exercises much more calmly, with greater concentration.

Resting is necessary to protect your immune system 

Too much exercise does a lot of damage to the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Your immune system is forced to go full steam ahead in order to cure all these micro-fractures. This causes your body to overheat and increases the risk of injury, because your natural protections from the body cannot keep up.

As you have read, rest days are important not only because they are necessary to allow muscles to grow, but this time of inactivity also allows you to stay alert and focused without slowing down progress which ultimately enables you to stay healthy and achieve your goals.

4 Ideas for healthy work snacks that are temptingly good

Hours in front of the computer in an office job can be draining, especially when you need your mind to be focused. If you feel like your mind is beginning to wander, and your stomach beginning to rumble, it’s time for some refuelling to avoid that afternoon slump. So, when the munchies take hold of you, don’t despair, and certainly don’t ignore them. To help keep your energy levels up during your working afternoon, we’ve cooked up this list of healthy work snacks. So, you can continue your work, satisfied that your munchies have been sated and your body fuelled.

healthy work snack

Healthy Work Snacks:

1. Cucumber-Feta Bites

Refreshingly light and delectably moreish. These tasty treats are the perfect healthy work snack for that 3pm dip in energy. What’s more, you can finish off the top of the cucumber chunks with a filling of your choice – be it feta cheese or non-fat Greek yoghurt – before delicately sprinkling your snack with walnuts for that added crunch. We’re hungry just at the thought of this, is it 3pm yet? If your salivating at the thought of it too, get the full recipe here.

2. Instant Oatmeal

Woah, before you start shaking your head in breakfast-at-3pm disbelief, hear us out. Instant oatmeal is a great way to fill yourself up and have that feel-full-for-longer feeling. Even better, when the munchies set in, instant oatmeal is extremely quick to fix up. So, your colleagues don’t have to face the hangry version of you. And if you’re anything like us…well, let’s face it, it isn’t our best side. Jazz up your oatmeal with a handful of berries of your choice as another, sweeter, way of reaching your fruit intake for the day. Interested? Check out how to shop for healthy instant oatmeal here.

3. Hummus with Crudités

A classic in healthy snacking heaven. Is it possible to beat hummus with vegetable crudités? We’d argue not! A versatile healthy work snack, it is also child-friendly. So, bulk big on vegetables and hummus, and feed the whole families cravings with this healthy, and filling, snack idea. Check out this blog on child friendly hummus with crudités as a source of healthy inspiration.

4. Peanut Buttered fruit

Do you have a sweet tooth? Then why not try peanut butter with fruit – popular choices include slabbing your peanut butter on either bananas or slices of apples. While peanut butter provides you with protein, the banana (if this is your fruit of choice) gives you some essential carbs. After snacking on this sweet tasting snack your energy will be humming along for hours to come, and even into the gym after your working day. Which works out, literally, as this snack is also great before or after a workout. Check out this blog for more nutritional information on the better half of this marriage of healthy snacks. If you happen to be short of a bananas or apples though, you could always just have a spoonful of the stuff – we’re not going to judge.

Remember eating healthier doesn’t mean you have to cut out snacks. Oh no. If you find your stomach rumbling when the clock strikes mid-afternoon at work, and your attention to detail is beginning to flag, don’t hold out. Indulge your taste buds with these healthy work snacks. And while eating healthily at work will always be hard, with these ideas, your snack drawer – or fridge – will never be empty.

The benefits of taking protein supplements (Shakes, bars etc.)

Proteins are macrostructures of amino acids linked together by peptide bonds that, once decomposed in the stomach and small intestine, the body uses to create its own molecules which will be used to create and regenerate the tissues of muscles and bones, generate antibodies and hormones etc.

Proteins are the basis of any nutritional and sports program whose objective is to increase muscle mass, optimize recovery or maintain muscle mass while at the same time losing fat.

In some cases, the obsession with a toned figure leads people to duplicate efforts and workout hours in gyms and training centres, and in pursuit of accelerating these desired results, many decide to get “aid” from food.

Protein supplements are used when a person needs an extra dose of the macronutrient, because food alone does not cover the daily requirement. Some supplements are composed of whey, soy or casein derivatives. They can be mixed with water, milk or yogurt (the formula is a measure of 25 grams of powder with 250 ml of liquid), and you can add fruit or ice to prepare a smoothie or use it as an ingredient in food preparation (such as a cake, muffins, jelly etc.). Below is an example of a popular protein supplement.

Consuming protein bars has become a trend, and they are mainly consumed either before or after exercise or even as a snack between meals when hunger attacks. But you should know that the only way you should consume protein bars is as nutritional supplements never as a substitute for the three big meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner).

The protein bars and shakes, as you know, are fantastic nutritional supplements for all those who exercise regularly and want to improve their performance and physical appearance. They are in short, substances with a high concentration of these macromolecules whose objective is to provide the body with the amount it needs to facilitate the creation of new muscle tissues.

Who can take protein supplements?

Realistically, anyone can take protein supplements, but minors should not and only those regularly training should regularly take them. They help to complete the protein requirements of each individual, whether they are athletes or whether they are people who are trying to maintain their planned diet, or even those with nutrient absorption problems can take them.

Why take protein supplements?

Protein supplements complement the number of meals you take during the day, and make it easy to meet the necessary amount of daily protein.

Protein supplements, if you are doing intensive physical training, either focused on resistance or strength gain and muscle mass, can become your best friend when it comes to reaching your goals.

Major benefits

  • For the development and maintenance of muscle mass
  • They provide a high concentration of essential amino acids, especially branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) to maintain and repair muscle tissue
  • Protein supplements, especially shakes, stimulate the synthesis of muscle proteins (thanks to the presence of leucine) after exercise, to reduce muscle damage and improve endurance
  • Their characteristics in relation to high biological value, come together to be a perfect source of proteins for the maintenance of muscle mass
  • They provide high levels of the conditionally essential amino acid Glutamine, to elevate its presence in plasma. During exercises of maximum load in addition to a caloric restriction, it can lead to a deficit of this amino acid
  • They offer a fast, convenient and practical way to take proteins
  • It has been shown that for resistance activities it helps reduce the loss of muscle mass
  • They provide an additional source of energy, promoting glycogen filling and improving muscle recovery
  • They help in maintaining a positive nitrogen balance to minimize muscle breakdown and improve muscle repair / recovery

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