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FULFIL in the spotlight

About Fulfil

The mission of the FULFIL team is to have it all. Why can’t we have an utterly delicious bar, that’s also good for us?

FULFIL bars are designed and created in Ireland.



FULFIL bars are packed with high protein, 30% RDA of 9 essential vitamins, and low sugar and come in a range of twelve delicious flavours. There is no added sugar in the bars, with the only sugar coming naturally from the milk, and there is less than ½ to 1 teaspoon of sugar per bar. To make the bars more accessible to a wider range of audience, all the collagen used in the bars is Halal approved.

When to eat them – FULFIL bars are to designed fuel your activities, whether it’s a gym session, a long walk, or a hefty day at work. They are also great after training for some extra protein when you need it.  FULFIL bars are also a great alternative to empty-calorie snacks if you get hungry in between meals, you can even enjoy them with your cup of tea on the sofa.

FULFIL bars are available in 12 different flavours, so no matter your preference there will be one to suit you. 



A deliciously smooth peanut butter centre with a soft creamy layer, surrounded in an indulgent milk chocolate coating and topped with a crunchy layer of peanuts.

This bar only contains 212 kcal and 20g protein per 55g serving 

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An indulgent milk chocolate coating surrounds a soft, silky salted caramel centre topped with a layer of crunchy crispies, with all the added benefits of 20g protein, low sugar and 9 multivitamins.

This bar only contains 204 kcal per serving.

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Milk chocolate encases a layer of caramel mixed with crunchy crispies surrounding a rich peanut centre all with only 2.1gs of sugar, 20gs of protein and 9 multivitamins.

This bar only contains 205kcal per serving.

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A creamy outer coating of white chocolate gives way to a delicious centre of cookie dough goodness with a crispy layer on top plus 20g of protein and 9 vitamins.

This bar only contains 198kcal per serving

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HOP in the spotlight

About HOP

HOP was founded in 2018 by Geoff, Matthew and Ash after successfully pitching for start-up funding from Student Enterprise, University of Surrey.

More and more products were coming onto the sports market that were trading off between the health and environmental benefits. A product was either great nutritionally but cost the Earth in some way, or environmentally friendly with little nutritional benefit. They believed there must be a better way that provided both benefits… and that was edible crickets!

The idea to create a business around edible insects was an extremely novel concept at the time despite most of the Eastern world having done so for a long time. There was a lot of proving to be done and people needed convincing to overcome the perceived ‘disgust’ factor. Crickets are a complete source of protein containing all nine essential amino acids, which is why they created a protein bar. Once the first prototypes were formulated with cricket powder, dates, walnuts, cocoa, coconut oil, rice snaps, HOP BAR was validated by sports people, nutritionists and investors. 

HOP also have a passion for education, with one of their key activities being public speaking on the benefits of edible insects. HOP have been finalists at both Falling Walls (a conference hosted in Berlin on new and innovative ideas for future generations) and the Director of the Year Awards 2019, presented by Sir Trevor McDonald.

HOP is proud to give a proportion of all profits to the charity Water Aid through the Work for Good partnership. 



Being still a relatively new brand, HOP have a small but specialised range. Starting with their original Chocolate Nutmix, they are expanding their range to include 5 new flavours from October, HOP also offer a cricket protein Powder. To stick with their environmentally-friendly ethos, products also come in recyclable packaging.


HOP bar

HOP BAR is packed full of high quality protein. Recently revamped with 6 all new flavours, there is a wide range to suit whatever your preferred taste.

The remastered original Choco Nutmix

Chocolate Mint

Caramel Cappuccino

Strawberry Yogurt

Cookies and cream blueberry muffin

  • When to eat them – HOP bars work the same as a typical energy protein bar, so they can be eaten during the day at work for an extra protein boost to meet your macros, pre- workout for fuel or a post workout snack to help restore and build muscle.
  • Nutrition – HOP bar is packed full of high quality protein goodness, with 15 crickets per bar and containing all 9 amino Essential acids. 

Macros per 30g serving

Calories: 111

Carbs: 10g

Protein: 10g

Fat: 4.3g

Sugars: 3.4g 


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HOP Powder

The future of nutrition is here! Version 2 of HOP Cricket Powder is for athletes, health enthusiasts, and the environmentally conscious, made from 100% crickets. 

  • When to use it – This Gluten and Dairy Free powder is perfect to add to a smoothie or shake post-workout,  or for use in home baking and cooking to give your food a protein boost. HOP have also gone the extra mile to give you a selection of recipes to make with your Powder.
  • Nutrition – 1 tbsp of cricket powder packs a whopping 10g of protein for only 59 calories. This high quality protein also provides all essential amino acids, Calcium to support healthy bones and is a good source of iron and vitamin B12 for healthy red blood cell production.

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The benefits of honest reviews for fitness products.

At Writeup all our reviews for fitness products are written by real-life fitness-loving humans, who share their honest opinion on all things within the industry. It’s becoming more apparent with large scale online stores, that although there may be thousands of glowing reviews, not all of them are genuine, which makes it difficult for you as consumers to know if a product is really worth your while in buying, and with so many amazing fitness products to choose from, how do you know which is best for you?

Real reviews allow you to gather a true idea about a company or a product before parting with your hard-earned money, and as many as 92% of customers read reviews before making an online purchase. We want to see the whole, unfiltered opinion of previous customers, and that means reading truthful (and sometimes negative) reviews along with the praise. 

No two customers are the same and we all value different qualities in products. What may be considered negative for one person might actually be positive for another, especially when it comes to things like protein bars and fitness foods. For example, if you are aren’t a vegan, it may make no difference to you if the 5 stars were given because the product does not contain animal products. Or if you are on a particularly low carb diet, that might be something you look for in a protein bar, whereas for others, the carb content isn’t an issue. By having a mix of reviews from a wide range of people, its a great way to see what someone with your goals and interests thinks of the product.

climbing thumbs up

Positive reviews can turn us from interested consumers into customers. A study found that 72% of people say that a positive review improves the trustworthiness of a business or a product. Based on this information, it’s clear why leaving reviews, and reading them, can be beneficial in helping you to make a decision on what fitness product suits you. 

Fitness brands also use us to see how they can improve. If we feature a brand on our page, the company will read the reviews to see any common occurring feedback that they may want to use for change in the future.

Fitness products are so important in helping us reach our goals, so it’s important that you find the right ones for you. If you would like to be part of our review team or have a product you would like to feature in our reviews, contact us. 


CLIF In The Spotlight


About CLIF

CLIF came along when founder Gary, was on a very long bike ride, and despite being hungry couldn’t face eating any more of the not so pleasant tasting energy bar. He then started a mission to create a nutritious energy bar, that tasted so much better than the rest. After countless hours of trying and testing different recipes, Clif Bar was created, named after Gary’s father and exercise companion, Clifford. Gary has truly put so much love and hard work into this passion project, and the results can be seen in the delicious CLIF products and their community of pro and amateur athletes who love the products.

For over 20 years they have been committed to organic ingredients and sustainable agriculture, advocating to help ensure it would one day become the norm in the food industry. Today their recipes honor sustainably grown, plant-based foods that nourish both our bodies and the outdoor places we play. Now more than ever their 5 Aspiration business model underpins everything they do: sustaining people, sustaining communities, sustaining the planet, sustaining our business, sustaining our brands.


CLIF are exercise experts who know what’s needed to fuel our bodies. They have created a great range of bars and energy gels, each range tailored to suit your needs throughout your journey from pre to post-workout.



The no.1  selling energy bar in U.K./Canada/USA original energy bar made with wholesome organic rolled oats and Rainforest Alliance Cocoa, in a huge range of flavour combinations such as White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Peanut Butter Banana with dark chocolate and Blueberry Crisp, there is a flavour to suit everyone’s tastes.

  • When to eat them – CLIF bars are designed to be eaten before exercise along with water to prevent hunger and supply energy to working muscles. During prolonged exercise such as hiking or bike touring. CLIF Bars can be also be eaten during activity to help satiate hunger and meet carbohydrate demands.
  • Nutrition – CLIF Bars are a source of protein and fibre with natural ingredients such as organic rolled oats, fruits and nuts. Each bar contains B6 and B12 which contribute to the normal release of energy for use in the body. With around 270 kcals, 40g carbohydrates, 10g protein per bar.

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CLIF Builders

This gluten-free, plant protein-packed bar was designed to help maintain and build muscle. It is the great-tasting bar that makes every ingredient count so you can get the most out of your workout.

  • When to eat them – Eat this bar post-workout, to aid recovery and to get the most out of your workout by contributing to muscle building, or consume a couple of hours before your workout for growth and maintenance of muscle mass.
  • Nutrition – Made solely with ingredients that you can recognize and taste like soy protein, rice flour, and cocoa. With an average of 280 kcal per bar, with 27g of carbohydrates and a huge 20g Protein.

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CLIF Bloks

These are the latest source of carbohydrates for endurance athletes. CLIF Bloks are vegan-friendly chewable cubes, making it easy to customise and track calorie and electrolyte intake during long outings and races. The bloks come in mouthwatering fruity flavours like Mountain Berry, Margarita Citrus, and Tropical Punch which are a joy to eat.

  • When to eat – Half a packet of CLIF Blocks can be eaten 15 minutes prior to activity to increase blood sugar levels, followed by 1-2 packets per hour during activity to give you a boost of energy, followed by a mouthful of water.
  • Nutrition – This food supplement is made with ingredients such as tapioca syrup and natural fruit flavourings. With an average of 30kcal per Blok, and 7mg of potassium. Some flavours also include 25mgs of Green Tea caffeine for an extra boost!

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These energy gels provide a source of carbohydrate that give you a much needed quick energy burst of energy. CLIF Shot has fewer ingredients than most other energy gels, which means you don’t get loaded down with contents that don’t directly enhance your performance.  The Shots come in a range of five flavours, from Razz and Chocolate to the caffeine-filled Citrus or Double Espresso.

  • When to eat – One CLIF Shot can be consumed 15 minutes prior to activity to increase blood sugar levels, followed by 1-2 packets per hour during activity to give you a boost of energy. If you are using a flavour with added caffeine, we recommend limiting to only 1 Shot during activity. It’s really important to follow your CLIF Shot with some water.
  • Nutrition – This food supplement is made with simple ingredients such as Cane Sugar, Green Tea, Pottasium and natural flavourings. With an average of 100kcal per Shot, and 50mg of potassium. Some flavours also include around 40mgs of Green Tea caffeine for an extra boost.

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How to eat healthily in lockdown

At WriteUp Fitness Reviews, we are passionate about keeping you informed, to ensure your fitness journey is a success. We are going through a strange period of time, where our usual fitness priorities have changed, and our routine isn’t so easy. So here we provide you with some tips on how to eat healthily when you are at home in lockdown, so you can maintain your healthy habits.

Pre- Planning your meals for the week

When access to the shops isn’t so easy, and you can’t just pop out to buy the ingredients for a meal that takes your fancy. To make sure you still reach your health goals, planning ahead is crucial.

Planning out a weekly food schedule means you can precisely count your calories, macros, and nutrients so you don’t have the dilemma of what to eat and end up raiding the cupboards. When you do your big weekly shop you can buy the correct ingredients needed for your chosen healthy meals and you won’t have any waste.

Get a wide range of nutrients

During the lockdown, unless you have an allergy, of course, its important to avoid missing out particular food groups. Getting a wide variety of nutrients is key to a healthy diet, especially when you need to keep your immune systems strong. Vitamin A, vitamin C, and Zinc are 3 of the most important nutrients and are all needed to boost your immune system and they are found in carbs, vegetables, fruits, and dairy.

Snack healthy

Being bored in the house, it can be easy to find yourself snacking all day for something to do, whether you are hungry or not. Keeping the right snacks in the house, prevent you from reaching for crisps and biscuits every time.

These again can be planned into your weekly big food shop so you know you have staple snacks in at all occasions. A good rule of thumb when it comes to snacking is pairing ‘protein and produce’ to make sure they aren’t just empty calories and are nutritious and filling. This can be things such as nut-butter and apple, yogurt and berries, hummus, and carrots. 

Use your freezer

When you think of healthy meals, freezer food isn’t exactly what comes to mind. During the lockdown, it’s a great idea to stock up your freezer. Frozen vegetables, meats, and fruits are just as nutritious as fresh, and they won’t go out of date as quickly. As we mentioned earlier, planning meals is really useful, and dishes such as curries, chillis, and stews can all be made in batch and frozen so you have on-demand, home-cooked meals, packed full of vegetables.

The Importance of Meal Prepping

Are you struggling to keep up with your healthy eating routine alongside your busy lifestyle? The key to stopping bad eating habits and keeping on track with your diet is simple. Meal prepping. 

Here are 5 benefits of meal prep.

1. Time management 

Let’s face it, we don’t all have extra time in the morning to make a nutritious breakfast, and how often does it get to 7pm and you’re hungry so end up going to the drive-through? Sometimes the quickest option is to grab a high fat, calorie-dense fast food meal when you’re in a hurry. By spending a few hours on a Sunday, preparing your breakfast, dinner or both for the upcoming week, you can guarantee that you have healthy food options available to you. In the morning you can have breakfast ready to grab and go, and skip on those sugary cereal bars and at dinner time, meal prepping is like creating your own healthy microwave meals, they are easy to heat up, and you know exactly what’s in them. Meal prepping means the time you would spend deciding what to eat, sourcing your ingredients and cooking every day, is already done for you, so you can guarantee you are still eating healthily, even though you have a busy lifestyle. 

meal prep

2. Save money

One of the most common misconceptions is that buying fast food on the go is cheaper than cooking healthily from scratch. Meal prepping ahead of time is going to save you money. You can decide on your recipes based on price and how much you want to spend per portion, if you are prepping the same meal for 5 days a week, buying in bulk is going to save you a huge chunk of money. You are also likely to be saving money because you aren’t ordering out every lunch. Grabbing food on the go is often cheap if you are buying unhealthy fast food, but good quality healthy food to go is often much more overpriced than it would be if you make it yourself. Lose weight instead of your money out of your wallet. 

3. Achieve your fitness goals.

Fitness trackers are a great way to track your calories, macros, and intake. The problem comes when putting together a quick unplanned meal, or buying food out, it is hard to determine what nutritional amount is in each meal. We’ve all been there, searching on a calorie tracking app and not finding the exact meal we have bought, so having to do guesswork. Meal prepping can help you achieve your daily goals as you are in control of exactly what goes into your meals. By having your meals measured and counted in advance it makes tracking your food intake so much easier.

fit food

4. Mental focus

If you want to succeed, especially when it comes to fitness and nutrition, you need the mental focus and will power. If you’re not mentally prepared to put in the hard work, you aren’t going to reach your goal. By spending a few hours meal prepping and planning your nutritional intake for the entire week, you are mentally preparing yourself for the week ahead. Deciding what you are going to eat, and when you are going to eat it are tasks that have already been completed so you can put that energy elsewhere. The key to long term progress is always consistency, and meal prepping is the way to add that consistency to your diet every week.

5. Eliminate waste

We all want to do our bit for the environment. Once you have established your meal-prep routine, you’ll know exactly how much of each ingredient you need so you can buy the exact amount for your recipes, which cuts down on food waste. You’ll never again have to witness your fruits and vegetables going moldy, and being thrown in the bin before you’ve had time to eat them. Meal prepping is also a great way to save dishes. You cook once a week and after that, all you have to worry about is a few pieces of Tupperware every day. Not only that, it is helping stop the use of nasty non-recyclable packaging that is on so many ‘on the go’ foods you can buy. 


The benefits of taking protein supplements (Shakes, bars etc.)

Proteins are macrostructures of amino acids linked together by peptide bonds that, once decomposed in the stomach and small intestine, the body uses to create its own molecules which will be used to create and regenerate the tissues of muscles and bones, generate antibodies and hormones etc.

Proteins are the basis of any nutritional and sports program whose objective is to increase muscle mass, optimize recovery or maintain muscle mass while at the same time losing fat.

In some cases, the obsession with a toned figure leads people to duplicate efforts and workout hours in gyms and training centres, and in pursuit of accelerating these desired results, many decide to get “aid” from food.

Protein supplements are used when a person needs an extra dose of the macronutrient, because food alone does not cover the daily requirement. Some supplements are composed of whey, soy or casein derivatives. They can be mixed with water, milk or yogurt (the formula is a measure of 25 grams of powder with 250 ml of liquid), and you can add fruit or ice to prepare a smoothie or use it as an ingredient in food preparation (such as a cake, muffins, jelly etc.). Below is an example of a popular protein supplement.

Consuming protein bars has become a trend, and they are mainly consumed either before or after exercise or even as a snack between meals when hunger attacks. But you should know that the only way you should consume protein bars is as nutritional supplements never as a substitute for the three big meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner).

The protein bars and shakes, as you know, are fantastic nutritional supplements for all those who exercise regularly and want to improve their performance and physical appearance. They are in short, substances with a high concentration of these macromolecules whose objective is to provide the body with the amount it needs to facilitate the creation of new muscle tissues.

Who can take protein supplements?

Realistically, anyone can take protein supplements, but minors should not and only those regularly training should regularly take them. They help to complete the protein requirements of each individual, whether they are athletes or whether they are people who are trying to maintain their planned diet, or even those with nutrient absorption problems can take them.

Why take protein supplements?

Protein supplements complement the number of meals you take during the day, and make it easy to meet the necessary amount of daily protein.

Protein supplements, if you are doing intensive physical training, either focused on resistance or strength gain and muscle mass, can become your best friend when it comes to reaching your goals.

Major benefits

  • For the development and maintenance of muscle mass
  • They provide a high concentration of essential amino acids, especially branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) to maintain and repair muscle tissue
  • Protein supplements, especially shakes, stimulate the synthesis of muscle proteins (thanks to the presence of leucine) after exercise, to reduce muscle damage and improve endurance
  • Their characteristics in relation to high biological value, come together to be a perfect source of proteins for the maintenance of muscle mass
  • They provide high levels of the conditionally essential amino acid Glutamine, to elevate its presence in plasma. During exercises of maximum load in addition to a caloric restriction, it can lead to a deficit of this amino acid
  • They offer a fast, convenient and practical way to take proteins
  • It has been shown that for resistance activities it helps reduce the loss of muscle mass
  • They provide an additional source of energy, promoting glycogen filling and improving muscle recovery
  • They help in maintaining a positive nitrogen balance to minimize muscle breakdown and improve muscle repair / recovery

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Activated Nuts by NutMad

Why do you need to soak nuts?

The health benefits of nuts are well known; everyone who is interested in healthy lifestyle snacks on nuts and seeds (if they are not allergic to them, of course!). But do we really get as much nutrients from them, as the nutrition facts labels say, when we eat them raw? Sadly, the answer is no. Nuts and seeds contain antinutrients, which do not allow the body to absorb their nourishing substances fully. Also, for those of us who eat them regularly, they can be quite rough on our digestive system.

How to get more nutrients from nuts?

The antinutrients that nuts and seeds contain are called phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors. They are naturally occurring chemicals and are beneficial for the nuts, as they prevent them from prematurely sprouting for example, but for us they can have some downsides. The antinutrients have the ability to bind to minerals such as iron, zinc, manganese, and calcium and slow down or prevent their absorption. That means that less minerals are available for the body and their health benefits are significantly less than they could be. The natural chemicals can also reduce the digestibility of the nuts, which is why this great snack can make us feel heavy or bloated.

In order to break down those natural chemicals, nuts need to be activated, which means that they are being soaked in salty water. The soaking times vary depending on the type of nuts; almonds for example need 12 hours, walnuts about 8 hours etc. The salt in the water helps to activate the enzymes that break down and neutralize the enzyme inhibitors. When they have been activated, nuts become easier to digest, the body is able to absorb more of their goodness, and their protein and vitamin content increases.

Tasty and crunchy

I understand that a great snack doesn’t only have to be healthy, it also has to taste good. When I first tried activated nuts, I was impressed by how delicious they were. Nuts like almonds and walnuts can taste slightly bitter sometimes. Soaking not only makes them good for your heallth, it also improves their taste – which becomes very mild.

Nutmad’s activated nuts are dehydrated at low temperatures. The drying time, like soaking, depends on the type of nuts. Almonds are quite pretentious, it takes over 24 hours to get them really crispy. They are worth the wait though, because they taste delicious and our customers appreciate the crunch.

Since nuts have their own amazing taste, we don’t smother them in seasoning. Our first products were plain and salted almonds, whereas the latter are very slightly seasoned. We’re very excited to be launching some new products soon, such as salted maple caramel walnuts and maple and rosemary cashews, where the additional flavouring is again very delicate.

Who can benefit from activated nuts?

Basically, anyone who eats nuts as a snack or uses them in cooking and baking can benefit from activated nuts. Personally, I feel quite full and heavy after eating non-activated nuts. During pregnancy I was eating lots of almonds to avoid heartburn, and there was a few cases that made me feel nauseous.

As a great source of protein, nuts and seeds are an important part of vegan and vegetarian diets. In this case activated nuts can be particularly beneficial, since they are consumed in larger quantities and on a regular basis. If you are anything like me, not vegan or vegetarian, just mad about nuts and enjoying healthy and good tasting food, you may find yourself snacking on nuts any time of the day. Activated nuts make you feel good even if you get carried away.

Eating protein rich food is very important for pregnant women. Especially if they are pregnant with twins like I was, and a handful of soaked almonds daily can help reduce allergies in babies. Macadamia is rich in folate, which is essential during pregnancy. Just be careful with drying at high temperatures, since folates can be destroyed by the heat. Walnuts can help boost the baby’s brain functions, such as learning abilities and memory and breastfeeding women need a lot of nutrients like Vitamin E, Vitamin B2, B3, and B1. These, and other substances like Magnesium, Copper, Phosphorus, Calcium, Iron, and Zinc can be found in almonds.

If you’d like to learn more about Nutmad and our wonderful activated nuts, check out the link below.

Michaela Hardt, Founder of Nutmad