Improve your Tennis Game

There has been a huge influx of people taking up tennis during the lockdown, as outside sports were one of the first things to be allowed as restrictions eased. Here are some tips to help improve your tennis game, no matter your level.

Be Alert

You cannot prepare soon enough for the ball to be in your court. Keeping your eyes on the ball, your feet moving and turning your hips and shoulders before the oncoming ball bounces on your side will give you the best preparation to hit the ball.

Identify your opponent’s weaknesses. Every match should have a warmup beforehand. Use this time to not only get yourself ready to play, but also to test your opponent by hitting forehands and backhands to determine what they’re best or worst at returning. You can then strategize which shots will be best to use throughout the game.

Pull back on your serve speed. The serve is the most important shot in tennis, and that often means people think they need to wallop the ball as hard as they possibly can. Professionals however will only hit the serve at 80% velocity and focus more on accuracy. Setting up the serve correctly is more important than speed.

Stick with one pattern of play. Stop trying to get creative on court. An amateur player will scatter several types of shot, but the best players only have one or two patterns of play through a match, they always try to hit their strongest shots, they find that one pattern that works, and they stick with it.

One bounce policy

A great tip used by professionals is to never let the ball bounce twice. Always run for the ball straight away with the intention to hit it after one bounce, even if you think you have no chance to reach it.

Don’t pause to recover

So many players will hit the ball and then relax watching watch the ball fly to their opponent. A great tip to improve your tennis game is to hit and recover, then get straight back into position. However, during changeover, it’s important to keep up hydration and nutrition, by sipping water and taking a bite of an energy bar.