Month: September 2020

HOP in the spotlight

About HOP

HOP was founded in 2018 by Geoff, Matthew and Ash after successfully pitching for start-up funding from Student Enterprise, University of Surrey.

More and more products were coming onto the sports market that were trading off between the health and environmental benefits. A product was either great nutritionally but cost the Earth in some way, or environmentally friendly with little nutritional benefit. They believed there must be a better way that provided both benefits… and that was edible crickets!

The idea to create a business around edible insects was an extremely novel concept at the time despite most of the Eastern world having done so for a long time. There was a lot of proving to be done and people needed convincing to overcome the perceived ‘disgust’ factor. Crickets are a complete source of protein containing all nine essential amino acids, which is why they created a protein bar. Once the first prototypes were formulated with cricket powder, dates, walnuts, cocoa, coconut oil, rice snaps, HOP BAR was validated by sports people, nutritionists and investors. 

HOP also have a passion for education, with one of their key activities being public speaking on the benefits of edible insects. HOP have been finalists at both Falling Walls (a conference hosted in Berlin on new and innovative ideas for future generations) and the Director of the Year Awards 2019, presented by Sir Trevor McDonald.

HOP is proud to give a proportion of all profits to the charity Water Aid through the Work for Good partnership. 



Being still a relatively new brand, HOP have a small but specialised range. Starting with their original Chocolate Nutmix, they are expanding their range to include 5 new flavours from October, HOP also offer a cricket protein Powder. To stick with their environmentally-friendly ethos, products also come in recyclable packaging.


HOP bar

HOP BAR is packed full of high quality protein. Recently revamped with 6 all new flavours, there is a wide range to suit whatever your preferred taste.

The remastered original Choco Nutmix

Chocolate Mint

Caramel Cappuccino

Strawberry Yogurt

Cookies and cream blueberry muffin

  • When to eat them – HOP bars work the same as a typical energy protein bar, so they can be eaten during the day at work for an extra protein boost to meet your macros, pre- workout for fuel or a post workout snack to help restore and build muscle.
  • Nutrition – HOP bar is packed full of high quality protein goodness, with 15 crickets per bar and containing all 9 amino Essential acids. 

Macros per 30g serving

Calories: 111

Carbs: 10g

Protein: 10g

Fat: 4.3g

Sugars: 3.4g 


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HOP Powder

The future of nutrition is here! Version 2 of HOP Cricket Powder is for athletes, health enthusiasts, and the environmentally conscious, made from 100% crickets. 

  • When to use it – This Gluten and Dairy Free powder is perfect to add to a smoothie or shake post-workout,  or for use in home baking and cooking to give your food a protein boost. HOP have also gone the extra mile to give you a selection of recipes to make with your Powder.
  • Nutrition – 1 tbsp of cricket powder packs a whopping 10g of protein for only 59 calories. This high quality protein also provides all essential amino acids, Calcium to support healthy bones and is a good source of iron and vitamin B12 for healthy red blood cell production.

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6 Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights

For many, the image of weightlifting conjures up images of male bodybuilders with muscles bulging at every angle. It can be daunting for women to start lifting weights, but it has huge benefits to your health and wellbeing. Here we list 6 reasons why women should lift weights. 

1. Lose Body Fat

Weight training builds muscle and as your muscle mass increases so does your metabolism. This means that the higher your metabolism, the more calories you will burn throughout the day. Studies have found that for each pound of muscle you gain, you burn 35 to 50 more calories per day. 

2. Gain Strength Without Bulking

Building muscle doesn’t mean bulk. This is one of the most common misconceptions that women have when it comes to weight lifting, women have 10-30times less testosterone than men so it is much harder (near impossible) to gain and bulk to the size of men, from strength training alone. Instead, women develop muscle definition, tone, and strength without size.

3. Decrease Risk of Osteoporosis

Weight training not only strengthens muscles, but it also strengthens your bones. Weight training increases bone density, which reduces the risk of fractures and broken bones. Research has also shown that weight training can increase spinal bone density to create a strong and healthy spine. For women, especially as they get older and oestrogen levels lower, there is an increased risk of osteoporosis, so weight training can help to prevent this.

4. Reduce Risk of Injury

Weight training can also increase the strength in your connective tissues and joints. By improving joints, ligaments, and tendons you can prevent injury and can even relieve pain from osteoarthritis. Strengthening muscles and connective tissue will make injury from daily tasks and routine exercise less likely, and can even improve performance in sport.

5. Improve Posture and Reduce Back Pain

Weight-training will strengthen your core, back, and shoulders, helping to improve bad posture so that you can stand taller, with shoulders back and spine straight. A stronger back and core will prevent lower back pain and will help you in the future as you age.

6. Enhance Mood and Reduce Stress

Exercise and weight-training release endorphins. Endorphins are neurotransmitters that prevent pain, improve mood, and fight depression. An increase in endorphins naturally reduces stress and anxiety. Endorphins also improving alertness and boost energy. Weight-training can improve your entire day or help you combat a bad one by drastically improving your mood. 


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The benefits of honest reviews for fitness products.

At Writeup all our reviews for fitness products are written by real-life fitness-loving humans, who share their honest opinion on all things within the industry. It’s becoming more apparent with large scale online stores, that although there may be thousands of glowing reviews, not all of them are genuine, which makes it difficult for you as consumers to know if a product is really worth your while in buying, and with so many amazing fitness products to choose from, how do you know which is best for you?

Real reviews allow you to gather a true idea about a company or a product before parting with your hard-earned money, and as many as 92% of customers read reviews before making an online purchase. We want to see the whole, unfiltered opinion of previous customers, and that means reading truthful (and sometimes negative) reviews along with the praise. 

No two customers are the same and we all value different qualities in products. What may be considered negative for one person might actually be positive for another, especially when it comes to things like protein bars and fitness foods. For example, if you are aren’t a vegan, it may make no difference to you if the 5 stars were given because the product does not contain animal products. Or if you are on a particularly low carb diet, that might be something you look for in a protein bar, whereas for others, the carb content isn’t an issue. By having a mix of reviews from a wide range of people, its a great way to see what someone with your goals and interests thinks of the product.

climbing thumbs up

Positive reviews can turn us from interested consumers into customers. A study found that 72% of people say that a positive review improves the trustworthiness of a business or a product. Based on this information, it’s clear why leaving reviews, and reading them, can be beneficial in helping you to make a decision on what fitness product suits you. 

Fitness brands also use us to see how they can improve. If we feature a brand on our page, the company will read the reviews to see any common occurring feedback that they may want to use for change in the future.

Fitness products are so important in helping us reach our goals, so it’s important that you find the right ones for you. If you would like to be part of our review team or have a product you would like to feature in our reviews, contact us.