How to eat healthily in lockdown

At WriteUp Fitness Reviews, we are passionate about keeping you informed, to ensure your fitness journey is a success. We are going through a strange period of time, where our usual fitness priorities have changed, and our routine isn’t so easy. So here we provide you with some tips on how to eat healthily when you are at home in lockdown, so you can maintain your healthy habits.

Pre- Planning your meals for the week

When access to the shops isn’t so easy, and you can’t just pop out to buy the ingredients for a meal that takes your fancy. To make sure you still reach your health goals, planning ahead is crucial.

Planning out a weekly food schedule means you can precisely count your calories, macros, and nutrients so you don’t have the dilemma of what to eat and end up raiding the cupboards. When you do your big weekly shop you can buy the correct ingredients needed for your chosen healthy meals and you won’t have any waste.

Get a wide range of nutrients

During the lockdown, unless you have an allergy, of course, its important to avoid missing out particular food groups. Getting a wide variety of nutrients is key to a healthy diet, especially when you need to keep your immune systems strong. Vitamin A, vitamin C, and Zinc are 3 of the most important nutrients and are all needed to boost your immune system and they are found in carbs, vegetables, fruits, and dairy.

Snack healthy

Being bored in the house, it can be easy to find yourself snacking all day for something to do, whether you are hungry or not. Keeping the right snacks in the house, prevent you from reaching for crisps and biscuits every time.

These again can be planned into your weekly big food shop so you know you have staple snacks in at all occasions. A good rule of thumb when it comes to snacking is pairing ‘protein and produce’ to make sure they aren’t just empty calories and are nutritious and filling. This can be things such as nut-butter and apple, yogurt and berries, hummus, and carrots. 

Use your freezer

When you think of healthy meals, freezer food isn’t exactly what comes to mind. During the lockdown, it’s a great idea to stock up your freezer. Frozen vegetables, meats, and fruits are just as nutritious as fresh, and they won’t go out of date as quickly. As we mentioned earlier, planning meals is really useful, and dishes such as curries, chillis, and stews can all be made in batch and frozen so you have on-demand, home-cooked meals, packed full of vegetables.