Keeping fit during the lockdown.

Exercise is so important for the mind and body, especially during turbulent times. During this time while we have to stay home, we can’t stick to our normal routine, of classes and gyms.  Here are some ideas to get a daily dose of exercise during the lockdown.

1. Keep it simple

You don’t have to have a home gym stocked with equipment to get your workout done, utilise things you can find in the house. 

A soft towel can be used instead of a yoga mat, your sofa or a dining room chair for step-ups or tricep dips, water bottles or tinned foods can be used for weights. Fancy equipment isn’t needed.

Even more simple, use your body weight so you don’t need any equipment at all. Push-ups, sit-ups, squats, star jumps and high knees running in place, are all excellent ways to do strength and cardio and can be done really simply.

2. Use technology

From online pilates or HIIT classes, there are plenty of videos online that bring your gym classes to your living room. You can find free videos on youtube, sign up to an app, and even many subscription websites have lifted their fees for the next few months. There are plenty of options out there.

3. Create a routine

Set aside a specific time for fitness. Our lives have changed with working from home and not having our usual routine. It’s easy to get caught up with the comfort of sitting at home and watching TV all day, so setting aside a specific time for exercise will help bring some order to your life, and make sure you are having that time to focus on your mental and physical health away from all external stresses. 

4. Get Fresh Air

As we will all be aware, the government is allowing us to take one form our exercise outside of our homes. This is really important. Whether it be walking your dog, a quick jog around the block, or yoga in your own garden, it’s important to get outside. As we get into spring the sun is coming out and we need that all-important Vitamin D for our health. So go outside, feel the warmth on your skin and take a deep breath.