Month: July 2019

The Importance of Meal Prepping

Are you struggling to keep up with your healthy eating routine alongside your busy lifestyle? The key to stopping bad eating habits and keeping on track with your diet is simple. Meal prepping. 

Here are 5 benefits of meal prep.

1. Time management 

Let’s face it, we don’t all have extra time in the morning to make a nutritious breakfast, and how often does it get to 7pm and you’re hungry so end up going to the drive-through? Sometimes the quickest option is to grab a high fat, calorie-dense fast food meal when you’re in a hurry. By spending a few hours on a Sunday, preparing your breakfast, dinner or both for the upcoming week, you can guarantee that you have healthy food options available to you. In the morning you can have breakfast ready to grab and go, and skip on those sugary cereal bars and at dinner time, meal prepping is like creating your own healthy microwave meals, they are easy to heat up, and you know exactly what’s in them. Meal prepping means the time you would spend deciding what to eat, sourcing your ingredients and cooking every day, is already done for you, so you can guarantee you are still eating healthily, even though you have a busy lifestyle. 

meal prep

2. Save money

One of the most common misconceptions is that buying fast food on the go is cheaper than cooking healthily from scratch. Meal prepping ahead of time is going to save you money. You can decide on your recipes based on price and how much you want to spend per portion, if you are prepping the same meal for 5 days a week, buying in bulk is going to save you a huge chunk of money. You are also likely to be saving money because you aren’t ordering out every lunch. Grabbing food on the go is often cheap if you are buying unhealthy fast food, but good quality healthy food to go is often much more overpriced than it would be if you make it yourself. Lose weight instead of your money out of your wallet. 

3. Achieve your fitness goals.

Fitness trackers are a great way to track your calories, macros, and intake. The problem comes when putting together a quick unplanned meal, or buying food out, it is hard to determine what nutritional amount is in each meal. We’ve all been there, searching on a calorie tracking app and not finding the exact meal we have bought, so having to do guesswork. Meal prepping can help you achieve your daily goals as you are in control of exactly what goes into your meals. By having your meals measured and counted in advance it makes tracking your food intake so much easier.

fit food

4. Mental focus

If you want to succeed, especially when it comes to fitness and nutrition, you need the mental focus and will power. If you’re not mentally prepared to put in the hard work, you aren’t going to reach your goal. By spending a few hours meal prepping and planning your nutritional intake for the entire week, you are mentally preparing yourself for the week ahead. Deciding what you are going to eat, and when you are going to eat it are tasks that have already been completed so you can put that energy elsewhere. The key to long term progress is always consistency, and meal prepping is the way to add that consistency to your diet every week.

5. Eliminate waste

We all want to do our bit for the environment. Once you have established your meal-prep routine, you’ll know exactly how much of each ingredient you need so you can buy the exact amount for your recipes, which cuts down on food waste. You’ll never again have to witness your fruits and vegetables going moldy, and being thrown in the bin before you’ve had time to eat them. Meal prepping is also a great way to save dishes. You cook once a week and after that, all you have to worry about is a few pieces of Tupperware every day. Not only that, it is helping stop the use of nasty non-recyclable packaging that is on so many ‘on the go’ foods you can buy. 


Why going to watch a live football match is something you should experience

The simple fact is that television coverage of football is better today than it’s ever been. Endless replays, analysis and all imaginable angles provide us with the most comprehensive broadcast of the big match that we could ask for. Yet, something is missing, and no, it’s not just us pining for the return of Hansen. You’ll soon realise that your stadium experience (when you watch a live football match) is completely different to watching it through a TV screen. Here, then, are just some of the reasons you should ditch the sofa and join those facing the elements with steaming tea in polystyrene cups singing their hearts out.

1. The atmosphere

The nervous tension and anticipatory buzz of an approaching kick-off, as thousands in the stands scan team sheets and make bold predictions, is hard to find replicated anywhere other than on matchday. Vast crowds, united in their anguish or joy, amplifies these emotions, allowing each individual to feel them much more keenly. The sense of being one that comes with being part of a fanbase inside the stadium is both powerful and intoxicating. Chants, songs, booming drums and stamping feet create a din suitable only for greatest theatre of them all.

football stadium

2. To all be in it together

This continues on from the previous point; being a football fan is a tough gig. For the vast majority the highs are few and far between, and the lows crushing and regular.

Going to a live football match is a social experience. If you’re there with your pals you’re bonding and developing your relationships. If you’re there on your own, you’re surrounded by many like-minded people who feel, hope and want exactly the same result as you. You’re all in it together. In football stadiums complete strangers will hug, dance and cry together. The football world certainly has its problems and can undoubtedly be divisive and fan the flames of discord, equally though, we shouldn’t forget the game’s unparalleled ability to bring people together.

3. The full view of the pitch

Whilst watching a game on TV can make you feel closer to the action and give your perspective from otherwise impossible or unnatural angles, you are throughout at the mercy of the production team delivering the event to you. Going to a live football match, however, gives you a full overview of the entire pitch at all times. You lack the close-ups and slow motion, but remarkably you’re likely to get a much better understanding of the game unfolding before you from this vantage point.

To understand the ebb and flow of a match, to appreciate a team’s shape and tactical instructions, or observe how individual players operate when off the ball, it helps to be able to see everything at all times. If you want to understand the minutiae of how football is played, this is the view you need.

4. The matchday experience

For many, especially those who are only rarely able to attend a live football match, the matchday experience is about much more than just the game itself. There’s so much more that goes into making a matchday special. Everything from face painting, pre-game pub visits, flicking through the programme and a half-time pie all form the full experience. For a kid’s first game, all of this stuff is a big deal. Just don’t buy a half & half scarf, you’re better than that.

live football match

5. It really isn’t all on TV

For the football fan in passing it can appear as though the Premier League and Champion’s League are the be all and end all of the modern club game. Television can easily convince you of that. This simply isn’t the case. Up and down the country, each and every week, games are being played across countless leagues and competitions. The English football league, WSL, non-league and even reserve leagues offer great opportunities to watch live football. While these games are cheaper to attend, they still pack the same punch.

Great football isn’t confined to the top divisions anymore, you can see quality all down the pyramid. Not only that, but lower league football is packed with great stories, incredible characters and blood, and thunder performances. The top leagues have priced many fans out, but if you’re after passion, atmosphere and a reasonable admission fee there’s still plenty of opportunities to attend a live football match out there.

If you’ve never been to see a live football match before then that’s something you’ll want to change. It doesn’t matter if you’re not heading to watch a top European clash, which makes the experience of a live football match great is true of any level of football.


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How to choose the right personal trainer

When the going gets tough (rather than the tough get going, as Billy Ocean once stated) it’s a great idea for you to get a personal trainer. When you find a good one, they are is worth their weight in gold. If you find a bad one, well, a bad one will do more harm than good. If you’re after insight into the world of fitness, then a Personal Trainer (PT) is just the ticket. Within a gym environment, a PT can do many things. They can show you around the equipment. Give you advice into exercise routines designed specifically around your goals and ambitions. They can show you how to carry out certain exercises correctly and safely and give you confidence; not to mention set you up for a fit future. But, when it comes to it, how do you find the right one for you?

If you head into any gym right now, especially at the beginning of the year, the number of PT’s is almost overwhelming. A gym will figuratively be swarming in them; despite the numbers, there are a few pointers you can keep in mind to help narrow down the list, and at Write Up, we’ve lined them up for you.

personal trainer

1. Certification

One of the sure-fire ways to know that a personal trainer you’re about to consider is made of the right stuff, is to consider their qualifications. This depends on the training and subsequent certifications they possess. From this you’ll know if they are trained correctly to be able to teach you. Currently, to be qualified as a personal trainer in the UK, they’ll need the following things: First Aid Certificate, Personal Trainer Insurance, Level 2 Gym Instructor Qualification and Level 3 Personal Trainer Qualification. Although, many PTs have varying areas of expertise, some will also have additional skills in other areas/sports – like Boxing, for example – and all of this should be accounted for in your selection process.

2. Experience

Before choosing that PT for you, it’s a good idea to know their background and history – which ultimately makes up their experience. It’s in your best interest to know this before signing up to anything. Ask questions like their education and qualifications (like above), how long they’ve been a PT etc. If they have a presence online, try looking them up to see if they have any references – and whether these are positive. Slowly but surely, you’ll begin to see how they are as a Personal Trainer through your research and whether they’ll work for you.

3. Connection

It is extremely important, in addition to that the fact that your future PT is qualified, that you get along with them. You should feel that you can communicate and are well-suited. After all, you’re not going to learn off someone you don’t like. In order to get the most of your time and money, you should feel comfortable and – most importantly – motivated.

personal training session

4. Lifestyle

As aforementioned, some personal trainers are associated with a gym. Others are not and they’ll be able to meet you at your home, or in parks etc. Another important aspect for choosing the right PT for you is to choose one that works around your lifestyle. If you can’t make it to the gym after a hectic day in the office, then opt for one who can train you at your home, and vice versa. After all, if it doesn’t work within your lifestyle, its not the right fit.

5. Money

Personal trainers are not the cheapest way for you to get fit. And if money is a slight limitation for you then be honest up front while searching for one. There could be other options for you instead of the advertised ones with your prospective trainer. If they’re the right for you, while discussing it you’ll soon find a common plan that works for both for ultimate success.

All-in-all, a personal trainer can either be the best the decision you’ll make or a costly one. But by following the above points, you’ll find the right one for you. There’s, as they say, somebody out there for everyone.

Disclaimer – Although we always endeavour to deliver accurate and insightful information, if you are seeking specialised fitness advice, please speak to a relevant professional. All opinions within this blog are the writer’s, should you identify content that is incorrect, please get in contact.