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5 Tips for safe and effective weightlifting for beginners

Lifting weights sounds simple enough – even if it never proves all that easy to actually do. However, the weightlifting process, when performed correctly, is more complex than you might expect. What’s more, taking a lack of understanding of the correct practices into the gym with you could lead to you coming out again seriously injured. In order to begin weightlifting safely and effectively, you need to appreciate your body’s mechanics. You also need to know your limits, when to stop, and when you need help. Otherwise, you will only wind up doing yourself more harm than good. If you’re new to the world of weights and want to make sure that you’re making the most of your sessions and not over-straining yourself, check out our tips for weightlifting for beginners.

Lifting weights1. Know your body

Different people have to take different approaches to weightlifting. Weightlifting for beginners is often largely a process of steadily building up your main muscle groups. It is crucial that you don’t start with anything too heavy too quickly. This can lead to injuries and makes your gym sessions less effective. If you’re losing the form of your posture as you lift, and are swinging to use momentum as a lifting aid, then you’re working with too much weight. Equally, beginning with too little weight makes your workout pretty pointless. Our tip: start small and gradually work up until it’s hard work but not unsafe. This will help you get to know the limits of your own body, and then you can fully appreciate how your limits rise as you work.

2. Know what you want to achieve

Early on, you’ll need to establish what kind of training – with what kind of results – you’re looking to take up. A factor in this decision may be the equipment you have available to you, especially if you plan on conducting your training at home. Are you taking up weightlifting in order to get slightly more toned, and improve your overall fitness? Or, are you here to get jacked, hench and buff Hulk-style? This will affect the size of commitment you’ll need to make to your training (and diet). If you’re hovering somewhere between the two, and simply aren’t sure exactly what you want to achieve beyond a desire to be able to shift heavier things, then don’t be afraid to first seek a casual consultation with a trainer at your gym.

3. Know the decorum

When giving advice on weightlifting for beginners, it wouldn’t do to disregard proper gym etiquette. Working up a mighty sweat at the gym is all part of the experience, and greatly encouraged. However, no one wants to take up the machine you’ve just vacated, only to be confronted with a slimy, unsavoury, sweat pool. Take two towels with you on every gym visit; one for you post shower, and the other to wipe down any equipment once you’re done with it. Further to this, make sure you leave any public equipment in whatever state you found it. So, leave enough energy to stick your weights back on the rack once you’re done. Finally, if someone asks you to spot them, don’t shy away. Gyms are often close little communities, and spotting is part of that.


4. Get the help you need and find that works for you

There are countless set weightlifting workouts and regimes out there, many geared towards weightlifting for beginners. Research and experiment with these routines and find out what you enjoy. Take the time to understand which muscle groups these individual routines, and specific exercises, are targeting as this will give you a better idea of what results to expect and whether they’re in line with your overall aims. If you have access to a personal trainer, or even a friend with experience in the field of weightlifting, their advice and support could prove invaluable too.

5. Don’t give up!

As this is weightlifting for beginners we’re talking about here, it could well be that you’re yet to endure your first weightlifting session. Once that has passed you’ll probably find that you’re aching, and perhaps not exactly chomping at the bit to get back to the gym. That’s normal, and as long as you haven’t overstrained yourself and are suffering persisting pain, all it means is that your muscles are repairing themselves to be stronger than before. That’s a job well done. So, don’t give up. Keep going and the pain will lessen and your strength will increase and your muscles grow. In time, you’ll be beyond reading a weightlifting for beginner’s blog and be cranking the iron with experience.

Whether at home or at the gym, weightlifting is a great way to get fit, build muscle and have fun. Everybody has to start somewhere, and starting small is no problem. Building up the weights gradually is what it’s all about; that and the pride you’ll feel with every step down this road you take.

Disclaimer – Although we always endeavour to deliver accurate and insightful information, if you are seeking specialised fitness advice, please speak to a relevant professional. All opinions within this blog are the writer’s, should you identify content that is incorrect, please get in contact.

4 Feel good ways to help you reach your healthy goal weight

The dieting world can be a minefield. In the 90s, Kate Moss popularised “heroin-chic”, a reaction against healthy looking models at the time, which championed a low-weight skinny, angular body – and the media’s perception of a desirable figure shifted irrevocably. Gone was the perception that curves were desirable, replaced with a lust for skin and bones. Thankfully though, this idea recently has begun to undo itself. Body positivity models are springing up to advocate having a healthy and comfortable relationship with your own body.

Thing is, if you’re looking to lose some weight, it can be hard to separate the healthy tips from the unhealthy ones.

At Write Up, we support healthy and harmonious weight loss, for no reason other than being satisfied in your skin. We thought we’d bring you some tip-top manoeuvres for your mindset, to boost a healthy mind for your new healthy goal weight.

Healthy lifestyle

1. Don’t think of your changes as a temporary solution

The number one tip we have for to reach a healthy goal weight is to think of your changes as a permanent, not a temporary solution. We all know that it’s hard to lose weight, and that it’s even harder to keep it off. When you start your weight-loss journey, it helps to educate yourself about nutrition. A good place to start is the British Nutrition Foundation, who have an encyclopedic resource of nutrition information on their website. It’s certainly true that knowledge is power, and once you know exactly what different foods provide you, you’ll be able to have a think about exactly which ones you need.

This paradigm shift towards a healthier, happier lifestyle is something that again is reflected in our modern sphere of influence. Supermarkets have begun to cater for healthy diets, and the popularity of January’s Veganuary has spiked the number of people learning what they put in their bodies, where it comes from, and making decisions about if they need to eat it.

Healthy food

2. If you choose to do exercise, make sure it’s something you love

Any good personal trainer will tell you that the key to losing weight with exercise is to find something you love.

Sure, your resolve to hit the gym at the start of the year is strong, but life has an annoying habit of getting in the way. If you find something that you love, you’ll remove the idea of exercise as a chore, and instead, it’ll become the highlight of your day. If you enjoy having time to think, then why not take up running?

The Couchto5k App is a good place to start. It’ll build up your stamina and pace slowly and allow you to go from sedentary to running for a full half hour. If that doesn’t float your boat, how about Zumba? The Latin-inspired dance class helps you keep fit whilst busting some killer moves. If you find a way to exercise that you love, then it’ll never seem like a chore. The weight will melt off, you’ll meet new people, and you’ll develop a new hobby that’s utterly and completely you.


3. Don’t think about how many calories the food has in it

This one is kind of related to nutrition, but we need to talk about it separately. Truth is, many of the foods we love to indulge in are addictive. In fact, in a recent study, it was found that cheese actually triggers the same part of your brain as opiates do. When you stop eating foods that aren’t good for you, there’ll be a period of a week or so when you’ll feel like you have the flu. Fight through it though, as after this point, you’ll be way more in tune with your body. And this is where our third point comes in.

A top tip trick to reach your healthy goal weight is to think about how the food you’re eating makes you feel. The “Carb Coma” is a well-documented phenomenon, as is the effect of diary, if you have stomach trouble. Did you know that most of Asia is intolerant to diary? If you find your body copes better with sushi, miso, ramen and tempura – then this might be the same for you. Food takes about six hours to start passing through your stomach, so make note in the evening of how your lunch choice affects your chill time. We’re going to ruin your surprise here, and let you know that healthy food will be your champion.

Healthy attitude

4. Remember, Photoshop exists.

Lastly, remember Photoshop exists. Every professional image you’re bombarded with from every angle, all hours of the day, is enhanced in some way. We live our lives behind filters, airbrushes, and FaceTune – and it’s easy to spend hours comparing ourselves to the doctored images of our favourite celebs.

Again, Plus Size models are leading the way to the destruction of this unhealthy obsession with airbrushing; but when trying to reach a healthy goal weight – don’t compare yourself to others. Instead, take a picture a week to track your own progress to your healthy goal weight. You’ll keep your motivation and focus way longer.

Convinced? Why not tell us what you’re about to take up? When you’re leaning more toward playing, rather than watching, your new passion; why not download Write Up – the app that lets you read, rate and review everything fitness related.

Disclaimer – Although we always endeavour to deliver accurate and insightful information, if you are seeking specialised fitness advice, please speak to a relevant professional. All opinions within this blog are the writer’s, should you identify content that is incorrect, please get in contact.