Month: April 2019

5 Family fitness activities that encourage bonding

Finding family fitness activities that engage and suit every member of your tribe can be tricky. This is especially true in this digital age when the ways for children to entertain themselves at home, without lifting a finger, are countless. Bonding as a family can be hard, especially with other distractions pulling you in all directions. And this is where family fitness activities that encourage bonding and cultivate a sense of togetherness can help. To this end, we at Write Up have put together a few tips for your family fun.

1. Play the kids at their own games

You might struggle convincing your little ones to throw themselves into a game of badminton or a round of golf. However, a game of tag or quick kick around with a football offers far greater odds of success. By engaging with your kids over games they likely play in the playground with their friends will bring you closer together. Anyway, who says tag isn’t a perfectly legit way of keeping fit? Certainly not us.

2. Get to work together

Perhaps you have a big DIY project, or a hefty garden maintenance operation to get stuck into. If so, rope the kids into and put them to work. Yes, it’s a family fitness activity because you’ll be working with them too. It’s also a good way of getting these big, physical jobs done. At the end of the day, with your lawn pristine and new shed erected, you’ll all feel a glow of pride at a job well done. An end-of-job reward being on the cards will keep the kids going when the going gets tough, but you’ll also find that you’re having a laugh and enjoying it too.

3. On your bike

It doesn’t matter how old you are or how fast you can go, bikes are fun. Whether you’re racing or taking a gentle group ride, you’re all bound to have the best of times. If your children aren’t currently able to ride a bike, you shouldn’t delay teaching them. It’s a great skill to have, and the learning process will encourage family bonding. Once all the family are confident and proficient bike riders, the world is your oyster as you pedal after adventures together.

4. Do it for a good cause

Of all the great family fitness activities you can take part in, none are perhaps worthier, or promote more of a sense of unity than those done for a charitable cause. Fun runs, bike rides or swimming galas – it really doesn’t matter what the activity is, as long as you do it together and for a good cause. If there is an issue or cause that is particularly close to your family’s heart, and you can support it via a physical endeavour then this represents a great opportunity to experience a bonding fitness activity. All whilst making a positive difference for a cause you believe in.

5. Go on a treasure hunt

This is one of the family fitness activities with an awful lot of fun and imagination thrown in. Feel free to use Easter eggs – or anything really – as your ‘treasure’. After all, the fun is in the hunt. Working in teams is what makes this one of the most enjoyable family fitness activities and will result in a bonding experience.

Whichever family fitness activities you choose to embark upon, you will not regret the experience that will result in you being fitter, healthier and closer as a family.

Protein powder guide: what you should know

Protein powders and shakes have become a common sight on shop shelves in recent years. Yet, many people out there aren’t clear on what these protein products actually do. There are myths and rumours flying about, and misconceptions abound. Beyond that, there are also some very legitimate concerns regarding these products. So, what are protein powders for, and how can they be used safely? To answer that question, we’ve put together this guide, giving you the lowdown on what they are all about.

Protein shakes and powders

What is protein powder used for?

The primary use of protein powders is to maximise how effective your physical workout is, and also aid positive recovery. When used correctly, they can be a healthy way to boost muscle growth after a workout, and ensure that your body has all the fuel it needs before you put it through its paces. It is stated that for effective muscle growth, you should consume 1g of protein per each kg of bodyweight. To achieve this solely through whole foods you eat is possible, but consumes time. Protein powders can be used to replace or supplement some of these meals. They also help you to maintain your edge.

Who should use it?

Protein powders have a design suitable for use by those who take on regular exercise and are seeking to build muscle. If you are unable to take on enough protein via whole foods outside of your work/other commitment, protein powders are the solution. If you don’t have time to prep a protein-rich breakfast each morning, a quick shake will see you out the door fit and with fight to face the day.

Is it safe?

There are a lot of myths surrounding these powders and how effective and safe they are. The truth is that protein powder itself causes no harm. However, if you don’t take it with a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise, then it has no point. What protein powder isn’t, is an Adonis-like body in a bottle. The powder exists to give your workout a little bit of extra payoff, not to replace them. The British Dietetic Association (BDA) believes the misleading, “wrong and immoral” market has led some consumers to believe protein powders are a “substitute not a supplement”. Beyond that, the only health advice we’d attach to protein powder use is that it you should avoid it if you suffer a condition, such as kidney damage. Protein powders then are not generally dangerous, but must be taken correctly in order to be worthwhile.

protein powder

Which should I use?

If you’ve never bought protein powder before, and are just now looking to get involved; it can be pretty daunting not knowing where to start. The many varieties of protein powders available include whey, casein, soy and hemp, to name but a few. Whilst all of these are broadly the same in terms of their aims, they each have unique characteristics that make a specific one more suitable for your needs. For instance, soy and hemp-based proteins are suitable for vegans. It is worth taking the time to research the powder that suits you best before you invest in any.

Now you know your stuff when it comes to protein powders, you’re ready to get out there with your shakes and make the most of your workout sessions.

Disclaimer – Although we always endeavour to deliver accurate and insightful information, if you are seeking specialised fitness advice, please speak to a relevant professional. All opinions within this blog are the writer’s, should you identify content that is incorrect, please get in contact.

5 Five-Minute Meals Under 500 Calories

It’s far too easy nowadays to reach for those pre-packaged, unhealthy foods with a catastrophic number of calories and naughty nutritional value. They’re tasty, but they won’t keep you full for long. If you’ve developed this all-too-easy-to-fall-into habit, we’ve put together 5 five-minute meals that are calorie conscious, and coming in at 500 calories, or less! We’ve covered it all, and thrown in a veggie, vegan, gluten-free, meaty and a creature comfort option for your dietary diversity. This makes sure all eats are explored and in the healthiest, and quickest, way possible!

Chicken noodle salad

1. Protein Power (Chicken Noodle Salad)

Kicking off the conversation into five-minute meals is the classic Chicken Noodle Salad. While low in calories, its packed with approximately 2.5 grams of protein punch. It’s no surprise then that this classic remains a powerful choice for weight-loss legends all around the world. Chicken noodle salad gives you cacophony of carbohydrates and full fill of fat, to help strengthen your tissue formation. While boosting your bowls with extra veggies for that classic crunch; choose skinless breast over chicken legs to keep the calories even lower down. For a simple spin on this powerful protein performer, click here.

2. Perfect Plants (Veggie Poached Egg & Avocado on Toast)

As a wellness warrior, you may well take a punt on a plant-only diet. For the five-minute veggie meal, we’ve chosen a protein and potassium leader, poached Egg and Avocado on Toast. No doubt you’re already part of the avocado army, but did you know this little fruit also helps lower cholesterol and all the while containing up to 20 vitamins and minerals? Combining it with poached eggs to consume a complete source of protein. You can also switch to sourdough toast for an easily digestible meal, or up the calorie content using eggs that have been scrambled. Wondering how to poach to perfection? Follow the link for easy instructions. Your body might be a temple, but do you ‘ave a car though? Click here for the full recipe & poaching instructions.

3. Vegan Virtue (Vegan Scrambled Tofu)

The restrictions of a vegan diet can often be frustrating when strapped for time. If your diet anchors itself away from animals, tofu can be scrambled in place of the more traditional egg. The trick to this tofu temptation is perfect prep – make sure you drain the tofu as directed. Tofu is a great source of amino acids, which aids weight loss. It also contains low levels of cholesterol, handy for those of you giving your heart some health time. Serve it solo as a snack or slap it in a wrap for a heartier meal. A saviour to unscramble your sanity! Find the five-minute fantasy here.

4. Gloriously Gluten-Free (GF Pan-Seared Salmon and Tomato over Quinoa)

A wellness warrior knows one thing, to see results, you just have to keep swimming. Your calorie conscious gluten-free meal is Pan-Seared Salmon and Tomato over Quinoa. No matter how it’s pronounced (KEE-NOAH? KEEN-WAH?) the quinoa grain has become a clear champion with the gluten-free crowd. As a substitute for couscous, it contains durum wheat, which GFers are able to digest. Here, it’s paired with pan-seared salmon, that contains a high level of fatty acids that’s good for the heart, brain and joints – helping to boost you up into a brain box. Tomatoes are a vitamin-rich, containing high levels of Vitamins A and C, and free radicals, which are said to slow down cell damage, keeping you looking as young at heart as you feel. See how to cook it here.

Salmon meal

5. Delicious Dessert (Skinny Mug Brownies)

Just because you’re dieting, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have delicious things. This skinny microwave brownie is perfect for a midnight marvel and another great addition to our five-minute meals collection. Throw the four ingredients into your favourite mug and nuzzle down into a chocolate caress. Treat yourself to a trusted topping, or eat it as is. Dark chocolate lowers your blood pressure, so don’t wind yourself up again by worrying! Do you want the recipe? Sure, you do. Like dessert, you deserve it. Here.

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