Month: July 2018

5 Reasons to start playing tennis today

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world, and it isn’t hard to see why. There have been huge, explosive characters, underdog heroics, and countless famous and thrilling encounters throughout the years.

Playing a game of tennis will test the players in various ways. Beyond their fitness and technical abilities, they’ll also have to cope with pressure, show nerve and steel, emotionally manage themselves, and dig deep when the going gets tough. Best of all: anyone can pick up a racket and start playing tennis. Here, at Write Up, we’ve put together five ace reasons why you should start playing tennis, and get out on the court as soon as possible.

start playing tennis

1. The health benefits

If you want to serve yourself a new, exciting health and fitness regime then start playing tennis today. A game of tennis provides great, all around exercise, not to mention improves your stamina and strength. The agility required to play tennis means all the muscle groups are worked, on top of the aerobic workout you’re getting. As a non-contact sport, playing tennis make you unlikely to suffer any injuries as long as you warm up and cool down properly.

2. The life lessons

Beyond the physical, playing tennis can be an emotional rollercoaster and mentally exhausting – in a good way! As well as being a physical contest, tennis is a battle of wits. Where you place each serve and shot and how you play is your strategic mind at work, as you seek to outmanoeuvre your opponent and exploit their weaknesses – in order to gain the advantage.

Tennis trains your mind to respond quickly and decisively under pressure, and how to deal with setbacks and defeat. The appreciation of the value of sporting behaviour and gestures that comes with playing tennis all contributes towards being a fair, well-rounded person too.

3. The social aspect

Whether you’re playing singles or doubles, there’s always a social aspect to tennis. Yes, there is competitiveness, but there’s also laughter, camaraderie, and encouragement to be found within these relationships. Many people start playing tennis because of this massive potential to make new and lasting friends. The bond that teammates share is profound and can be built upon over the years of sharing a court together.

Many community tennis courts are also associated with tennis clubs. These clubs are a great way of discovering new tennis partners and other likeminded individuals to connect with.

4. A lifelong hobby

Lots of sports have a short lifespan in terms of how long you can realistically play them. Tennis, however, can be played and enjoyed by anyone able to swing a racket. If you start playing tennis today, you could easily still be playing tennis in many years’ time.

Playing tennis in your elder years is also a great, social way to keep active and have fun.

5. Fun for the family

Just as you’re never too old to play tennis, you can hardly be too young either. Many people who go on to play throughout their lives start playing tennis as toddlers. Tennis is an activity that all generations of the family can play together. It’s also a great opportunity for children to be taught about how to appropriately cope with winning and losing, and for their healthy sense of competition, dedication, and passion to be cultivated.

Perhaps the best reason to start playing tennis can only be discovered when you actually begin to play. That reason is that you love playing tennis. It brings you joy, and all the other positive benefits are just a brilliant consequence of doing something that makes you happy. So, start playing tennis today, and who knows, you might have a shot at Wimbledon yet.

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7 Small changes to achieve a healthier lifestyle

In between our work and finding the time to have the fun we deserve, carving out some space to achieve a healthy lifestyle can be tricky. The truth is that there are plenty of small changes you can make that’ll have only a tiny impact on your day-to-day life. And these will help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.
To appreciate the power of these slight changes, we’ve made a list of a few. Which we hope will inspire you on your way to a healthier lifestyle!

1. Sit down for your meals

Do you eat while taking a walk or whilst you drive? This may feel like an effective way to multitask, but simply, it isn’t. This is because your body doesn’t benefit from the food you consume as much as it should. This is the case, even if the food you eat is healthy. This way to consume is known as ‘mindless eating’. Studies show that sitting down, without anything to distract you, when you eat a meal makes you less likely to want to snack later.

2. Put good food in high places

Laziness is rarely our ally. But for a heathy lifestyle, it can be your best friend. When you sit on the sofa to watch TV with an open packet of sweets/crisps is by your hand, you’ll eat way more than if they were on the coffee table. When you must sit forward and lean for each handful, you’ll eat less. You can take this notion even further; store your more tempting, calorie-heavy treats on high shelves, out of sight.

3. Get your portions right

When you serve up your regular portion of food, do not finish the entire plate. Instead, leave a couple of mouthfuls. Put the uneaten food aside for 20 minutes, and try not to think about it. If 20 minutes have passed, and you’re still hungry, then finish your meal; safe in the knowledge you serve correct portion sizes. However, if 20 minutes have gone by and you forget about these leftovers, or feel full, next time then try to serve up less.

4. Deskercise

Find the time for some covert exercise at work. It is both fun, and good for your health. With a little imagination you can make your office your gym (well, sort of). Make those work hours more productive! Take the stairs with gusto, rather than the lift. Squat by the water cooler, or even just stand more. They’ll all have you headed for a healthier lifestyle.

5. Drink more water

Drink enough water every day. It’s vital to a healthy lifestyle. Water is a necessity for our body to function properly. Yet, many people still struggle to drink the correct amount of water a day. The recommended 2 litres of water a day can be tricky. However, the benefits that come with being optimally hydrated are worth the extra effort. Something as simple as using a water bottle, with a design you love can also help you to drink more water.

6. Get more sleep

Much like with water, to get enough sleep is paramount to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Yet again, many people find that they fall short of the 7-8 hours per night that doctors recommend. For some, this much sleep a night is unfeasible. However, any extra minutes you can gain will only prove to be a good thing. If you maintain a regular sleep schedule, it will also help you to attain a healthy lifestyle.

7. Add your veg and eat it

You really cannot have too much fruit and veg. Make a habit of including at least one full portion of veg to every meal and eat it first. You are at your hungriest at the start of a meal, therefore better able to tolerate veg. This also will ensure that you don’t get too full for your greens later. By doing veg prep in bulk, and in advance, you can make this process less of a hassle in the week.
Achieving a healthy lifestyle needn’t be a lifechanging decision or committal. These small changes, when they accumulate with time, will pay dividends.